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bose vs-2 manual

Please call Bose to be referred to an authorized service center near you. 15. To prevent risk of fire or electric shock, avoid overloading wall outlets, exten- sion cords, or integral convenience receptacles. No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission. All trademarks referenced herein are property of Bose Corporation. With this accessory installed, a sin- gle button press selects the source video and audio at the same time.You can purchase additional cables from your Bose dealer or local electronics retailer. For your records Now is a good time to find the serial number on the bottom of the VS-2 video enhancer. Please record it here. Each type of video connector provides a different level of video image quality. Examine the rear panel of your TV and determine whether it has HDMI, component, S-Video, or composite video input connectors. In the following table, choose the type of available video connector that provides the highest possible video quality. To connect your TV to the VS-2 using a component video cable (not supplied), do the. In the following table, choose the type of available video connector that provides the highest possi- ble video quality. To connect your TV to the VS-2 using an S-Video cable, do the following: Plug one end of the S-Video cable into the S-Video connector on the rear of your TV. To connect your TV to the VS-2 using a composite video cable, do the following: Plug one end of the composite video cable into the composite video connec- tor on the rear of your TV. The diagram on this page is an example of how this equipment may be connected.If you select one of the sources connected to the VS-2, be sure the source is turned on.See the address and phone number list included with your system. If you need a carton for shipping, contact Bose for a new carton B. Learn more or change settings here.

Choose from the list below and use a connector that is compatible with your TV and devices to provide the highest possible video quality. Below is a chart that explains this: Even though they are labeled as CBL-SAT, VCR and AUX, they are suggested inputs. You may connect any device into these inputs. (Blu-ray Disc player, Apple TV, etc.) The jacks are white for left and red for right The jacks are white for left and red for right This is the bottom jack marked D for digital Make sure to remove this cover before making your connections. This is the optical input on the left You will need to have a video cable connected from the Bose system to the TV in order to proceed Please feel free to share additional comments below. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Bose Lifestyle (R) VS-2 Video Enhancer Lifestyle (R) VS-2. To start viewing the user manual Bose Lifestyle (R) VS-2 Video Enhancer Lifestyle (R) VS-2 on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. You do not have to print the entire manual Bose Lifestyle (R) VS-2 Video Enhancer Lifestyle (R) VS-2 but the selected pages only. paper. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. It will help you set Connecting the VS-2 to Your Media Center...................... 6 up and operate your system properly, and enjoy all of its advanced features. Save YourCheck to be sure your system includes the parts shown on this page. Save all packing materials in case you need to repack and transport your product. Software update disc Owner’s guide If any part of the product appears damaged, do not attempt to use it.

Notify Bose or your authorized Bose dealer immedi- ately. For Bose contact information, refer to the Each type of video connector provides a different level of video image quality. HDMI Component S-Video Composite Examine the rear panel of your TV and determine whether it Best quality Better quality Good quality Standard quality has HDMI, component, S-Video, or composite video input connectTo connect your TV to the VS-2 using a component video cable (not supplied), do the following: 1. Plug one end of the component video cable into the component connectors on the rear of your TV. Be sure to match the coloTo enable the media center to operate with the VS-2, you must load 2. Load the software update disc into the media center disc player.Recommended hardware For solid wood No. 8 x 1?-inch (M4 x 36 mm) 1 8-inch (3.5 mm) drill bit wood screws Position the VS-2 mounting holes over the Lower the VS-2 onto the screws 3 2 screws so that it is flush with the wall.For wallboard No. 8 (M4) wall anchor Use d. Click here for more information on the types of cookies we use and how to change your cookie settings. Please feel free to share additional comments below. Used: Very GoodPlease try again.Please try again.Please choose a different delivery location.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Please try your search again later.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. kmatt3 1.0 out of 5 stars What I didn't know was that it only handles video; audio must be sent through separate cables. It is also very unsightly, as all the cable connections are on top of the unit, in plain view.

Once I had it all wired up as well as possible, I was using more cables than before, not fewer. It now sits on my junk shelf.The primary, glaring and foolish omission is that the unit is not an audio switcher. I cannot figure this out for a second. Why do HDMI switching with no audio. The Lifestyle system is limited to 1 digital optical input, so I thought they were finally addressing this issue here. It is a very disappointing discovery, and makes it hard to justify the extra money over the VS-1.!!!!!!!!!!!One now has the capability to use HDMI cables to receive video input from the cable box and then send the signal to the TV via HDMI. Thr drawback is the Enhancer only handles video and not sound. A separate sound connection must also be made. The enhancer also has recepticles for the VCR, CD and other devices by way of RCA type plugsI wish the original product lasted a bit longer. It will help yo u set up and operate your system properly and enjoy all of its ad vanced features. Please save this guide f or future refer ence. Additional safety information See the additional in structions o n the Important Safety Information she et enclosed in th e shipping carton. As with an y electronic products, use ca re not to spill liquids in to any part of the system. The lightning flash with a rrowhead symbol within an equilateral tria ngle alerts t he user to the presence of uninsulated, dang erous voltage within th e system enc losure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electr ical shock. The exclamat ion point w ithin an equ ilateral triangle, as marked on the system, is intended to a lert the use r to the presence of important oper ating and maint enance instru ctions in th is owner’ s guide. U nauthorized alteration s may compromise safety, regulator y complian ce, and sy stem performa nce, and ma y void the wa rranty. No part of this work may be rep roduced, modified, distributed, or o therwise used without prior w ritten permiss ion.

For additional copyright, trad emark, patent, and licen sing information, please refer to pages at the b ack of this book. It a lso allows us to se nd you inform ation about new products and special offers from Bose. Follow the ins tructions o n your Product Registrat ion card to register by mail, on the Inter net, o r by phone. It’ s quick and easy. Failure to r egister will not affe ct your limited warranty rights. For Y our Records Record your system ser ial numbers h ere and on your Product Registration Card.Basic System Connections.. Shows how to connect the parts o f the syste m together u sing the in cluded cab les (page 12). Optional Connections and Additions.. Provides information on u sing alter nate connections an d adding other equipment to your system (page 27). For specific questions or help in assessing a problem, be sure to contact Bose dir ectly. Ref er to the contac t list provide d in the carton. If any product part a ppears dam aged, do not attempt to use it. For Bose co ntact inform ation, r efer to the addr ess sheet incl uded in the carton. For future reference, w e suggest that you re cord thos e numbers in the space provided on page 4. Parts list As you unpack yo ur system ver ify that you have the following parts.Y ou s hould try to a rrange you r system as close to this as possible. Figure 1 System placement example Media center placement Place the media c enter on a flat, stable surface. VS-2 video enhancer Y ou can place the VS-2 video en hancer directly behind t he media cen ter or on the floor, or mount it on a wall. Left front Right front Center Left rear Right rear Acoustimass module CAUTION: Choose a stabl e and level surfac e for each speaker. V ibratio n can cause spea kers to move, particular ly on smooth sur faces like mar ble, glass, or high ly polished wood. Re fer to “Hearing the results of proper placement ” on page 11.

Rear left and right speakers Place the speak ers at the ba ck of the room at e ar height (whe n seated) or higher, if possible. Re fer to “Hearing the results of proper placement ” on page 11. OR OR Figure 2 Proper and improper positioning of an Acoustimass module CAUTION: Do no t block the ventilation open ings on the mod ule. CAUTION: Do no t put electron ic media, su ch as video or audio tap es on or nex t to the m odule for long period s of time. T he magnetic fi eld surroun ding the modul e may erase some or al l of the recorded m aterial. BEST For best ventilation, stand the module on its bottom surface. ALTERNATE Place the module on one of its two broad sides. DO NOT stand the module on its slightly curved front or back end, which can caus e it to tip over. Top surface Side surface Back end Front end Ventilation openings Figure 3 Results of proper speaker placement Note: If after placing the system you di scover that you need addition al cables, they are available from your loca l Bose deal er. Or, to conta ct Bose dire ctly, refer to the contact list pr ovided in the carton.Performing the steps in or der helps to ensur e that all the basic connec tions ar e pro perly made.They differ in how the cables connect to th em. Before you start, route the cables around your room. T o make t he rear speaker cables reach each of the rear speakers, you can unzip the cables by simply pulling them apart. Follow the instr uctions for the type of speaker s you have. For example, the plug marked L connects to the speaker a t the left fr ont of your r oom. Figure 5 Array speaker connections Front and rear left, right speakers Front center speaker Front and rear left, right speake rs Front center speaker Knob Plug label: R, L, RR, or LR Plug labe l: C Terminal tab Wire la bel: L, R, LR, or RR Wire label: C The RCA plugs on the fr ee end of the speaker cables ar e color ed to matc h the color ed speaker conn ectors on th e Acoustimass c onnection pa nel.

Or, you can order heavy -duty speaker extension ca bles from Bose. T o conta ct Bose directly, refer to th e contact lis t provided in the carton. Right Rear Right Front Cente r Front Left Front Left Rear C RR Acoustimass module connector panel R L LR Excessive strain, c aused by pulling directly on the cable or by compressing it, can cause damage. Audio input cable Media center connection panel Acoustimass mo dule connection panel Flat side up Main Speakers connector Media Cente r connector Flat side toward front of module Figure 8 VS-2 connections to the media center VS-2 cable VS-2 end panel Power supply Media center rear pa nel VS-2 video expander A G DC power cord B C D E F If y our TV does not have an HDMI conne ctor, use the type of connecti on that gives you th e highest image quality possible. In this case, you still can use an HDMI connection by using a DVI-to-HD MI cable adapter or a DVI-to-HDMI cable. You can find this adapt er at your local electronics dealer. DVI Th en change the connection bac k to HDMI. Note: T o make higher -quality audio connec tions, refer to “Usin g digital audi o connection s” on page 27. Y ou need an RCA stereo audio cable for ea ch source to complete this step. One stereo audio cable with red and whit e RCA plug s is supplied with your system. Note: Make sure the VCR, CBL-SA T, and AUX audio input connections on the media ce nter match the c orresponding VCR, CBL-SA T, and AUX video in put connect ions on the VS-2. A. Plug one end of an RCA st ereo cable into the left an d right audio out put connector s on the audio source. Match the white plug to the left (L) output and the red plug to the right (R) output. B. Plug the other en d of the cable into t he left and right audio input connector s on the media center. Match th e white plug to the left (L) output and the red plug to th e right (R) output.CAUTION: DO N OT connect y our televis ion antenna c able to the FM antenna jac k. T o connect the FM antenna A.

Insert the plu g on the FM dipole antenna lead in to the FM antenna connector. B. Place the antenn a as far from the media ce nter and other co mponents as possible. C. Spread out the anten na arms and change their orientation as needed to get the be st FM reception. Note: The FM jack ( 75 ohm) may be used wi th an outdoo r antenn a. Before doi ng this, con sult a qualified installer. When all connectio ns ar e completed and you can turn on your syste m, you may need to experiment wi th the orient ation of the loop an tenna for op timum AM rece ption. Note: AM recept ion can b e adversely affected by a nearby te levision whe n it is on. T urn off th e TV for best AM receptio n. Figure 12 Media center antenna connecti ons T o connect to cable radio Some cable TV providers mak e FM radio s ignals available th rough the cable service t o your home. Using a signal splitte r, you may be a ble to feed the cable r adio signals to the FM con- nector on your media cent er. Contact your cable TV pr ovider for assist ance. FM dipole antenna lead AM antenna lead Media center rear panel Insert t he other e nd of the po wer cord into an AC (mains) ou tlet. Figure 13 Power connection for the Acoustimass module Note: Bose recom mends using a high-qua lity surge sup pressor on a ll electron ics equipment. V oltage variations and spikes ca n damage electronic components in any system and the res ulting damage may not be covered by the limited warran ty. A qu ality suppressor ca n eliminate the vast majority of failures attributed to surges and m ay be purchas ed at electro nics stores. T o connect power to the power supply: Plug the appr opriate end of the AC power cor d into powe r supply (Figur e 13). Inse rt the other end of the power co rd into an AC (mains) outle t.

Figure 14 Power connection for the media center power supply If you have a dual-voltag e power supply: Befor e connecting power to the media cent er power supply, MAKE SURE the voltage selec- tion switch on the bott om of the media cent er power supply mat ches the local power ratin g (Figure 14). Check with loc al electrical au thorities if yo u are not sure of the appropriate power rating. AC (mains) outlet AC power jack AC power cord Acoustimass module connection panel AC Power cord Voltage selection switch location (dual-voltage units only) Power supply AC (mains) outlet VS-2 To the media center They should be cha nged only as d irected in the Refer- ence section of the Opera ting Guide. Figure 15 Remote control batter y installat ion Battery replacement: Replace all four batterie s when the r emote contr ol stops operating or its range seems reduced. Alkaline batteries are recommended. Y ou ha ve placed the sy stem in your room an d connecte d all the part s together. T o turn on your sy stem for the first time and s tart using it, go to “First-Time Operation” on pag e 23. This is usu ally done in the featur es menu of your TV. Put on the he adset only when prompt ed by Disc 2. Y ou can play Disc 2 and c alibrate your s ystem ag ain if you nee d to move any of the speakers or mo ve the system to another r oom. Next Congratulat ions. Y ou have comp leted the basic syste m setup. T o start using your system and learning more about it, refer to your home entertainmen t system’ s Operating Guide. T o add other accessories or equipment to your system, r efer to “Optional Connec- tions and Additi ons” on page 27.Figure 18 Digital audio connections Note: When using a digital au dio connec tion, be sure to maintain your analog connection, t oo. In this way, you ensure c ontinuous soun d when a dig ital signal is a bsent or inter rupted.

Note: T o make digita l recording s from a c onnected op tical compon ent, conn ect another optical cable to the Optical OUT jacks on t he media cen ter rear pan el. Making optical digital audio connections Only one audio source output can be connected to the media cen ter using an optical cable. Connect the o ptical outpu t of your s elected sour ce to the Optical IN connector on the media center. After tur ning on the sy stem, you need to activate this connection in the system menu. Press Enter. 4. Press the down arr ow key and highlight Optica l Source. Pr ess Enter. 5. Select the co mponent that is connecte d to the Optical IN connector. Press Enter. 6. Press Exit to leave the System menu. Note: Y ou also ma y need to ac tivate the optical o utput in the au dio source. RCA coaxial cable Optical digital cable D Audio IN coaxial digital audio Optical IN optical digital audio Media center connector panel Press Enter. 6. Move the senso r around on the back o f the TV a nd watch the TV Power Status line in the onscreen display. If you used a SCART adapter for the TV connectio n, choose EURO and pr ess Enter. Press Exit to leave the System menu.Or keep it connected, as needed, fo r use with one component. T o connect the IR emitter: 1. Insert the plug into the IR Emitter connector on th e media center connection panel (Figure 20). 2. Place the othe r end of the cable near the c omponent with the rounded surface of the emitter facin g the component. 3. Operate the co mponent to se e if it responds to remote commands. Mo ve the emitte r around, if necessary, to find the bes t position. 4. Use the double-side d tape encl osed with the emitter to affix it in position near the component. Refe r to the add ress list included in the carton.

Using a remote control antenna extender If your system does not resp ond to remote control commands, but yo u know the remote batteries ar e good, you may need to add an ante nna extender to he lp the re mote work within its specified ra nge. T o con tact Bose to purchase an extender, refer to the address list included in the ca rton. IR Emitter Figure 21 SCART adapter connecti ons TV Audio IN TV Sensor Pass-through connector for TV Sensor Composite (yellow) cable to VS-2 Composite video outp ut Media center connection pane l TV connection panel example Composite setting S-Video cable to VS-2 S-Video output S-Video setting R Red L White Note: Because of the short cables from the SCART adapter, using extension cables can make it easier to reach the VS-2. With either ty pe of digital co nnection, be sure to use an analo g connectio n, too. T o connect playback equipment Connect the AUDIO OUT o n the playback equipment to th e AUX Audio IN conne ctors on the media center. Insert the white plug into t he L (left) Audio IN connector and the red plug into the R (right) connec tor (Figur e 23). Figure 23 AUX input connections Playback equipment connecto r panel Media center connecto r panel Required tools Required hardware W all mounting For solid wood For wallboard -inch (3.5 m m) drill bit 1 8 Use drill size specified for type of wall anchor used. No. 8 x 1?-inch (S6 x 36 mm) wood screws No. 8 x 1?-inch (S6 x 36 mm) wood or machine screws (depends on type of wall anchor) No. 8 (S6) wall anchor Install two screws 12 inches apart.From th is one system, you can play two differ ent sources in dif fer ent areas of your house at the same t ime, indoors an d out. Products that pre-date Bose link product enginee ring are referr ed to as legacy products and require special consid- eration when added t o the product mix.In structions a re included in the ca rton.It al so allows us t o send you inf or- mation abou t new products and special offers from Bose.

Follow the instr uctions on yo ur Product Registration card to register by mail, on the In tern et, or by phone. It’ s quick and eas y! Failure to re gister will not affe ct your limited warranty rights. S-VIDEO: Luminanc e 1V p-p Chrominance 0.3V p-p COMPONEN T VIDEO: NTSC or P AL 1V p-p with syn c on Y OPTICAL INPUT: SPDIF digital, mapped to input FM ANTENNA: 75.Guarde esta guia para utilizarla como material de refer encia en el futuro. Informacion de seguridad adicional Consulte las inst rucciones adiciona les de la hoja Infor macion de seguridad importante que se incluyen en el embalaje de envio. Al igual que con cualquier producto electronico, evite que se derramen liquidos sobre los componentes del sistema. El simbolo de relampago con un a flecha dentro de un tr iangulo equilatero indica al us uario que la caja del sistema puede contener una tension sin ais lar de magnitu d suficient e para constit uir un riesgo de d escar ga electrica. El signo de exc lamacion dent ro de un triangulo equila tero, tal como aparece marcado en el siste ma, avisa al usuario de que existe n instruccion es de operac ion y mantenimie nto import antes en esta guia del us uario. Las alte raciones no a utorizadas pued en compromet er aspectos de segurida d, cumplimie nto normat ivo y rend imiento del sistema, y pueden anular la garantia. Ninguna parte de este trabajo podra r epro ducirse, modificarse, distrib uirse o usarse de ningu na otra manera sin perm iso previo y por escrito. Para obtener informacio n adicional sobr e copyrights, mar cas come rciales, patente s y licencias, consulte las paginas del final de este libr o. Asimismo, podremos enviarle informa cion sobre nuevos productos y of ertas especiales de Bose. Siga las instrucc iones de la tarjeta de r egist ro del p rod ucto para r egistrarse por c orre o electronico, Internet o por telefo no. Es facil y rapido. En caso de no registrarse, la garantia limitada no se ver a afectada.

Para conservar como referencia Anote los numeros de serie del sistema a qui y en la tarjeta de registro del producto.Ubicacion del sistema... Explica c omo ubicar los c omponentes del sistema en un a habitacio n para crear un ambiente de cine en c asa (pagina 8). Conexiones basicas del sistema. Muest ra como conec tar entre si los componentes del sistema utilizando los cables incluidos (pagina 12). Puesta en marc ha inicial... Ayuda a poner en marcha el sistema por primera vez y a repr oducir los do s discos incluidos: u no para comprobar que los cables estan correctam ente conectado s y otro para llevar a cabo una calibracion personalizada del sonido del sistema (pagina 23). Conexiones y opciones adicionales. Proporciona informacion sobre el uso de conexiones alt erna tivas y la inc orporacion de otros equipos al sistema (pagina 27). Actualment e, el sitio W eb solo se encuentra e n ingles. Si tiene dudas especif icas o necesita ayu da para valorar un problema, pongase directamente en contacto con Bose. Co nsulte la lista de contactos inc luida en la caja. Si algun componen te del producto parece estar dan ado, no lo utilice. Encontrara los datos de conta cto de Bose en la pag ina de direcciones que se incluye con e l sistema. Le recomendamos q ue anote est os numeros en el espa cio suministra do en la pagina 4 por si ne cesita consu ltarlos en el futuro. Lista de piezas Cuando desemba le el sistem a, compruebe que in cluye los compone ntes siguientes.In tente ubicar el sistema de la for ma mas parecida posible a la indicada. Figura 1 Ejemplo de ubicacion del sistema Ubicacion del centro multimedia Coloque el centro multimedia sobre una superf icie plana y esta ble.PRECAUCION: Seleccione una supe rficie estable y nive lada para los altavoces. La vibracion puede causa r el movimien to de los a ltavoces, en particular sob re superfic ies lisas, tales co mo marmol, vidrio o made ra muy pulida. Consulte “R esultados de u na correcta ubicacion” en la pagina 11.

Altavoces posteriores izquierdo y derecho Coloque los altavoces en el otro extremo de la habitacion al nivel de l oido (de un oyente sentado) o mas a ltos si es pos ible. Consulte “R esultados de u na correcta ubicacion” en la pagina 11.Figura 2 Colocacion correcta e incorrecta de un modulo Acoustimass PRECAUCION: No bloquee las aberturas de ventilacion del modulo. PRECAUCION: No coloque sop ortes elect ronicos, como ci ntas de video o au dio sobre el modulo o ce rca durante periodos de tiempo p rolongado s. El campo magnetico que rodea al modulo puede bo rrar todo o parte del materi al grabado. OPTIMO Para conseguir una ventilacion optima, apoye el modulo sobre su superficie inferior. ALTERNATIVA Apoye el modulo sobre uno de sus dos lados anchos. NO apoye el modulo sobre el extremo frontal o posterior que presenta una suave curvatura, ya que podria caerse. S uperficie superior Superficie lateral Extremo posterior Extremo frontal Aberturas de ventilacion Figura 3 Resultados de una correcta ubicacion de los altavoces Nota: Si, despues de ubica r el sistema, desc ubre que necesit a cables adici onales, puede adquirirlos a t raves de su dist ribuidor Bose o directamen te a traves de Bose. Para ello, consulte la lista de cont actos incluida con el sistema.Siga estos pasos en orden para asegurarse de que realiza correctamente todas las conexio nes basicas.Se diferencian en como se conectan los cables. Antes de comenz ar, ex tienda los cables por la ha bitacion. Para c onseguir que los cables lleguen a los alt avoces poster iores, puede separarlos tira ndo de ellos simplemen te. Siga los instrucc iones correspondientes a l tipo de altavoces qu e tenga. Por ejemplo, la clav ija con la marca L se cone cta con el altavoz de la parte frontal izquierda de la habitacion.

Figura 5 Conexiones de l os altavoces en mat riz Altavoces izquierdo, derecho, frontal y posterior Altavoz frontal central Altavoces izquierdo, derec ho, frontal y posterior Altavoz frontal central Resalte Etique ta de la clavij a: R, L, RR o LR Etiqueta de la clavija: C Lengueta del terminal Etiqueta del hilo: L, R, LR o RR Etiqueta del hilo: C No olvide co locar el modu lo sobre un lado o sobre la superficie infe rior cuando termine de realizar las conexio nes. Las clavijas RCA del extremo libr e de los cables de altavoz presentan los mismos color es que los conectores de altavoz del panel de conexion del modu lo Acoustimass. O, s i lo desea, pued e solicitar a Bose cables a largador es reforzados para altavoces. Para ponerse en contacto directamente con Bose, consulte la lis ta de contactos inclu ida con el sistema. Posterior derecho Frontal derecho Frontal central Frontal izquierd o Posterior izquierdo C RR Panel de conexion del modulo Acoust imass R L LR El exceso de tension, que pued e producirse al tirar dire ctamente de l cable o al comprimir lo, puede ocasio nar danos. Cable de entrada de audio Panel de conexion del centro multimedia Panel de conexion del modulo Acous timass Lado plano hacia arriba Conector de los altavoces principales Conector del centro multimedia Lado plano hacia el frente del modulo Figura 8 Conexiones del VS-2 al centro multimedia Cable del VS-2 Panel lat eral del VS-2 Fuente de alimentacion Panel posterior del centro multimedia Optimizador de video VS-2 A G Cable de alimentacion de CC B C D E F Si su televisor no tiene un conect or HDMI, utilice el tipo de conexion que le propor cione la mas alta ca lidad de imagen pos ible. En este caso podra ut ilizar la conexion HDMI e mpleando un cable adaptador de DVI a HDMI o un cable de DVI a HDMI. Puede encontrar este a daptador en una tienda de electronica. DVI Por componentes. utilice una conexion de fuen te de video po r componentes, S-Video o comp uesto. S-Video...